Luscious Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I happened across some delightfully sweet strawberries this last weekend.   It was all I could do to not eat all of them before they had a chance to become a part of a delicious dessert.  I had to guard them from the family, too.    They were huge, and a delicious dark red, and they smelled as good as they tasted.  I can almost smell the memory of them now…

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Kissably Cute Hot Cocoa

I’m feeling the pressure for Valentine’s Day.  Like elementary school gotta-have-the-coolest-Valentines kind of pressure.

I wish we still had construction paper “mail boxes” for people to drop off their cute Valentines.  Except, this year, instead of cartoon Valentines, I’d step up my game, and my cuteness and make these little lovelies.

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