Refreshing and Hydrating Strawberry Watermelon and Cucumber Smoothie

For my dad’s birthday today we went sailing and on the ride back to the house, I was craving Dr. Pepper like it was the answer to my prayers.  Instead of heading for a drive-thru to get a small soda pop, I went home and created a thirst quenching, hydrating and healthy smoothie.  I used what I happened to have in my fridge: frozen strawberries, watermelon and cucumber.


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Triple Chocolate Brownie Cookies

I have a hard time baking anything that comes from a package.  Perhaps, I’m too hard on myself, but I feel like it’s bootleg baking.  Also, hardly anything from a package tastes as good or better than anything made from scratch.  I get that not everyone has the time to create love from scratch, sometimes we have to create love from a box.  This recipe is for my girlfriends that are not into baking, but find themselves needing to contribute to bake sales, birthday parties, potlucks and other random baking obligations.  That’s where this recipe comes in.  It is scrumptious, will impress your friends, and will satisfy any chocolate craving.

Triple_Chocolate_Brownie_Cookies_recipeAnd to all the super moms out there that think they MUST bake something from scratch for the class birthday party or bake sale to maintain  #1 Mom status: It doesn’t make you a bad mother to a.) Buy cupcakes from the cute bakery in town, or b.) bake something from a box.  I promise!  Take the time you’ll save and grab an ice cream cone with your kid.  No guilt required!  You are an amazing, super women, and that won’t be undermined by this delicious and satisfying, super easy Tripe Chocolate Brownie Cookie recipe.  Also, no one will suspect this came from a box!  Your secret is safe with me. Continue reading