Paris Bakery in Monterey

Ever find something and immediately wish you had an excuse to get it or a place to put it?  For me, it’s usually silly little things like measuring cups, notepads and journals, candles, dessert plates, antique furniture, and sometimes chandeliers… I don’t know why the chandeliers, there is just something about them.


While visiting Monterey this last December, I found the cutest cake that made me wish my nieces lived near me so I could order these for an adorable birthday celebration or a princess tea party.  They are aptly called Princess Cakes, and they are delicious!    These sweet little confections would make any party you throw for the little princesses in your life truly fit for miniature royalty.


Paris Bakery’s Princess Cake is made with a layer of genoise, a thin layer of raspberry filling, topped with buttercream and fresh raspberries, and then covered with marzipan.  This Princess Cake will cure any sweet tooth and I’m certain kids will love it!  While I stared at this cake through the glass display case, it whispered back to me, “Aunt of the Year Award…pretty pretty princess tea party…so yummy…make it happen…”


Patisserie Bechler

If you’re familiar with the Monterey area, I’m sure you’ve heard of Patisserie Bechler.  This place is owned by master pastry chef, Gérard Bechler.  Patisserie Bechler has been open almost 30 years, and they consider themselves the wedding cake experts, I think it goes without saying…  This cakes takes your breath away.  Doesn’t it look like a present you’d unwrap?Patisserie_Bechler_Monterey_California_Amazing_CakesThese ain’t yo mama’s birthday cakes.  I’m not even sure if I’d have the nerve to cut into one of these little lovelies.  Even better, these cakes are delicious.  Patisserie Bechler creates authentic French cakes and pastries.  None of that sugary, lackluster bootleg stuff. Continue reading

Parker-Lusseau in Monterey

We found this cottage filled with pastries and other yummies while trying to find the Massage Envy in Monterey.

Parker-Lusseau has multiple locations around the Monterey area, unfortunately, I only had time to visit one.  This place was charming.  I could have sat outside sipping my delicious soy chai latte for hours.  Doesn’t this picture say…”Stay a while.  You’ll leave a different, more wonderful person…”

Parker_lusseau_Pastries_Monterey_California_Stay_a_While Continue reading