Baked Almond Tarts with Almond Filling and Fresh Strawberries

This week is all about the amazing strawberries we got.  I think those strawberries may have been magical…  I really think it’s possible.

The moment the chocolate covered strawberries were devoured, I immediately thought about what to do with the rest of the strawberries.   Make more chocolate covered strawberries?  Oh! I know!  An almond tart with almond filling topped with these delicious strawberries…  oh baby!


Best decision I ever made on a Sunday afternoon.  Maybe because Sundays seem the best days to bake something.  It’s the last day of the weekend, and you can bake something for your loves and send them into the next week with something warm and loving.


These baked almond tarts make a great dessert.  They also make a great breakfast…  don’t judge me.  Bring them to your mom’s house or your girlfriends house for an afternoon coffee visit.  These belong at a brunch or a dinner party.  They are also really yummy when you eat them over the kitchen sink while in your PJ’s.


These tarts are relatively easy to put together, and if you want to serve them at a dinner party or for an event, you can prep each component in advance and assemble them pretty quickly when you need them.


Baked Almond Tart Almond Filling Recipe:

2/3 cup Finely Ground Almonds, or Almond Flour
1 Tbsp All-Purpose Flour
¼ tsp Salt
½ cup Powdered Sugar
6 Tbsp Butter
1 Egg
½ tsp Vanilla Extract
¼ tsp Almond Extract

In a food processor, combine the ground almonds or almond flour, flour, salt and powdered sugar.  Blend in the Butter until smooth.  Add egg and vanilla and almond extract and blend until smooth.  If you don’t have a food processor, you could use a regular hand mixer.  Set almond filling aside, or you can refrigerate, covered, for later use and assembly of your tart.

Baked Almond Tart Crust Recipe

¼ cup Finely Ground Almonds, or Almond Flour
1 ½ cups All-Purpose Flour
¼ tsp salt
½ cup Sugar
½ cup Butter
1 Egg
1 tsp Vanilla Extract

Strawberry Topping:

2-3 pints of Fresh, Ripe, Sweet Strawberries
½ cup Strawberry, or Apricot, or Apple Jelly

In a food processor, combine ground almonds or almond flour, flour, salt and powdered sugar.  Using the pulse setting, mix in butter until it forms pea size crumbs.  Blend in Egg and vanilla extract until the dough forms a ball.  If the dough is too soft, refrigerate for 1-2 hours, then roll dough out for your tart pan.  Otherwise, I skip the refrigeration process and immediately press my dough into my tart pan.  Make sure it is very thin in the bottom and thicker on the sides of the tart, the dough will rise and you want to make sure there is room for your almond filling and strawberries!  Bake in a preheated 325°F oven for 20-30 minutes, or until the edges are a golden brown.  Let cool completely.

Optional and Delicious Alternative:

Melt dark or bittersweet chocolate chips in the center of the tart when the tart crusts are hot out of the oven.  Once the chocolate chips have melted, use a small offset spatula to spread the chocolate chips and create a thin layer of chocolate.  Let cool and allow the chocolate to harden before spreading the almond filling over the chocolate and baking the tart crusts with the almond filling.

Baking the Almond Filling:

Once the tart crusts have cooled, spread the almond filling in the center of the tart and bake until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean, about 10-20 minutes depending on how thick you’ve laid on the almond filling.  Let cool.

Top with fresh, sweet strawberries.  In a small sauce pan, or microwave, heat up your jelly and use a pastry brush to gently brush the top of the strawberries with the jelly.  This will protect the fruit and keep it looking beautiful and fresh and glossy.  If you’re strawberries aren’t the sweetest, or you don’t have any jelly, I just toss the strawberries with a little sugar until the sugar is dissolved.  This creates a pretty glossiness as well, but if you do toss them with sugar, I highly recommend that you assemble the strawberries on your almond tart no more than a few hours prior to serving, and make sure that they aren’t to juicy or liquid-y,  you don’t want your tart to get soggy.



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