The Best Burger In San Diego

Last Sunday was an amazing day. I spent the day whale watching with my dad and my honey.  We saw three beautiful grey whales and a few dolphins just off the coast of San Diego with San Diego Whale Watch on the Privateer.

After our three hour whale watching trip, we were famished and decided to head straight for the absolute best burger stop in town: Bareback Grill.  We went to the Pacific Beach location this time, but they also have a location in downtown San Diego that has a really cool atmosphere.


My honey and my dad ordered my favorite burger on the menu, The Hogs & Heifers Burger with Edam cheese.  A nice big juicy beef patty piled with avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, garlic aioli, and their house BBG sauce, which is kind of like a barbeque sauce but oh so much better!  I ordered the Sandy of the Month with a beef patty.  This burger was piled high with roasted red bell peppers, tomatoes, tomatoes, spinach, mozzarella, a pesto aioli and a balsalmic reduction.  Ah-mazing!!!


Bareback Grill is known for using 100% organic beef and locally farmed fresh veggies.  You can taste the freshness and the quality of the ingredients.  You’re not going to get this kind of burger anywhere else in San Diego!  Can’t you see how delicious these burgers are?  My goodness…


And don’t you dare visit Bareback Grill without ordering their amazing fries.  These puppies have a mouth watering seasoning that is impossible to not fall instantly in love with.  It’s savory, peppery and has a hint of sweetness that make these practically narcotic!  Dip them in their delicious wasabi aioli  and let that wave of love wash over you!


Don’t forget to order some of their onion rings and sweet potato fries, because you don’t want to be without during your visit!  Ask for an extra side of BBG sauce for your perfectly battered and crispy onion rings.  Mmmm…  so yummy…

And if you’re not in to red meat, they have a nice selection of chicken, lamb and seafood sandwiches as well.  I’m very tempted to try their Ahi sandwich, but just can’t bring myself to give up one of their delicious juicy burgers.


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