Pretty Little Sugar Cookies

This is my first attempt at making and icing sugar cookies.  I found this amazing blog through Pinterest called The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle.  Her site it phenomenal!  It has all kinds of ideas and very useful information that makes jumping into this sport less intimidating.

Sugar_Cookies_recipeSugar Cookies and decorating sugar cookies has always seems like such a daunting task to undertake.  Valentine’s Day seemed like the perfect occassion to put my heart out there and take a risk.

I used her recipes for the sugar cookies and royal icing, and they came out beautifully!  The sugar cookies were delicious, and I flavored my royal icing with vanilla, which I could smell the entire time I was decorating these cookies which made this entire process even more lovely!

Well…they came out beautifully for someone who’s never done it before and someone that isn’t very good at decorating pretty little things like sugar cookies.  I really need to practice with royal icing and a pastry bag more often.

I quickly free-handed some lace onto these cookies, I was in too much of a rush to use Sweet Sugarbelle’s pin trick from her Royal Icing Lace Cookies Tutorial.  Don’t make that mistake.  It’s a brilliant little trick, and it will ensure straight lines and even spacing.

I’m not exactly sure what piping consistency mean or what it looks like.  I had two extremes for my icing.  My white piping icing was a little too thick, and my red piping icing was a little too runny.  I’m sure time, practice and patience will help me become more knowledgeable on what piping consistency really is.

The best part about the royal icing recipe is that it keeps really well, either on your counter or in the fridge.  I wrapped mine with plastic wrap and made sure to lay it directly on top of the icing so it wouldn’t dry out. So when I was ready for decorating, so was my royal icing!

All in all, for my first time, I was happy with how they came out.  Most importantly, all my Valentine’s were impressed and felt loved that I made these for them.

My dad thought I used a stencil…  Isn’t that sweet?  He’s always been generous with the compliments and easily impressed with my baking.  That’s why Daddy’s are the best…  some things never change.

Check out Sweet Sugarbell’s sugar cookie and royal icing recipes, they are probably the easiest sugar cookie and royal icing recipes I’ve seen, as well as one of the most delicious!  Her site has endless images that are sure to inspire you.  After my practice run for Valentine’s Day, I can’t wait for my next Sugar Cookie Adventure!


2 thoughts on “Pretty Little Sugar Cookies

  1. These were so delicious! I’m not very into frosting on anything but these were soo good!! Thank you for my valentine cookies! Xo

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