Luscious Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I happened across some delightfully sweet strawberries this last weekend.   It was all I could do to not eat all of them before they had a chance to become a part of a delicious dessert.  I had to guard them from the family, too.    They were huge, and a delicious dark red, and they smelled as good as they tasted.  I can almost smell the memory of them now…

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Healthy and Addicting White Corn and Black Bean Salsa

My mom is an amazing cook with a phenomenal palette. Don’t even get me started on her soups!

This post is all about my favorite salsa recipe that she created. I could eat this stuff with nothing but a spoon. But it’s also good with chips or with your favorite Mexican dish/  This salsa is also really good with seafood. It is super easy to put together and requires hardly any prep.

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My Glowing Green Smoothie

Now that we’re halfway through February, some of us may have already given up on our New Year’s Resolutions.  I have just the ticket to spark some motivation to keep eating healthy!

My favorite habit that I picked up in 2011 is Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie from her book The Beauty Detox Solution.  Clearly, based on my blog… I’m not the best “blossoming beauty” that I could be.  But these smoothies help keep me on track.  They’ve replaced my triple soy latte in the morning, and I have more energy than I can shake a stick at!  If you need more reasons to try these green smoothies, read this blog post by Zoe V.

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The Best Burger In San Diego

Last Sunday was an amazing day. I spent the day whale watching with my dad and my honey.  We saw three beautiful grey whales and a few dolphins just off the coast of San Diego with San Diego Whale Watch on the Privateer.

After our three hour whale watching trip, we were famished and decided to head straight for the absolute best burger stop in town: Bareback Grill.  We went to the Pacific Beach location this time, but they also have a location in downtown San Diego that has a really cool atmosphere.

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Pretty Little Sugar Cookies

This is my first attempt at making and icing sugar cookies.  I found this amazing blog through Pinterest called The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle.  Her site it phenomenal!  It has all kinds of ideas and very useful information that makes jumping into this sport less intimidating.

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Chocolate Fondue for Two …or Twenty

One of my favorite and fastest desserts to put together is fondue.  You can get as creative as you want with it, or just use what you have lying around in your fridge and pantry.  Chocolate fondue is my favorite dessert to whip together when I have all the girls over, or for a stay-in date night with my honey.  It takes minimal effort and hardly any time, which is nice especially when you want to spend time with your guests or your love.

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Easy Fudgey Chocolatey Brownies Dressed Up for Valentine’s Day

Happy Friday, Lovelies!!!

If you need a last minute and easy dessert recipe for the Valentines in your life, try this yummy fudgey brownie recipe.  It’s a one-bowl, one-spoon, one-pan recipe, and it takes less than 5 minutes to put together.  And is the perfect chocolate fix!

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