Patisserie Bechler

If you’re familiar with the Monterey area, I’m sure you’ve heard of Patisserie Bechler.  This place is owned by master pastry chef, Gérard Bechler.  Patisserie Bechler has been open almost 30 years, and they consider themselves the wedding cake experts, I think it goes without saying…  This cakes takes your breath away.  Doesn’t it look like a present you’d unwrap?Patisserie_Bechler_Monterey_California_Amazing_CakesThese ain’t yo mama’s birthday cakes.  I’m not even sure if I’d have the nerve to cut into one of these little lovelies.  Even better, these cakes are delicious.  Patisserie Bechler creates authentic French cakes and pastries.  None of that sugary, lackluster bootleg stuff.

Patisserie_Bechler_MOnterey_California_Beautiful_CakesI wish I could have taken better pictures through their glass case.  I can’t get over how beautiful these cakes were.  If you’re in the Monterey area and hosting a party, or have any excuse to buy a cake, you must come to Patisserie Bechler.  The people here are all really sweet and helpful, you won’t have any trouble finding what you’re looking for.  And if you don’t have an excuse to buy a cake, visit anyway.  There are so many beautiful desserts to choose from.  Do yourself a favor…

Patisserie_Bechler_Monterey_california_Gorgeous_CakesWhile I was here, I enjoyed a few pastries in their quaint Alsatian style dining room.  It was a perfect place to enjoy a cappuccino and escape the foggy Monterey cold outside.

This cute Lemon Meringue Tart was everything I hoped it would be.  Just the right amount of lemony tart to go straight to your jaw, and make you pucker and wink at the person sitting across from you.

This chocolate beauty was delectable! It’s Patisserie Bechler’s Chocolate Cake with their Chocolate Truffle Cream.  If you dreamed about chocolate, and your chocolate dream came true, this is what would magically appear in front of you…

Patisserie_Bechler_Monterey_california_Marquise_Chocolate_Truffle_CreamAnd if you’re more of a custard and flaky pastry fan, their beautiful Napolean would not disappoint.  The pastry was delicious and wonderfully flaky, and their custard perfectly vanilla-y.  I can’t resist ordering a Napolean, it’s one of my favorite pastries, especially if it’s from Patisserie Bechler.

Patisserie_Bechler_Monterey_california_NapoleanMy only regret is not being able to try their Passion Fruit Mousse.  If you’re able to make it over to Patisserie Bechler, please order this for me, and tell me every delicious detail… please?

I just have to show you one more cake…



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