The Ramos House Cafe

One of my favorite restaurants in Orange County is The Ramos House Café.  It’s right in downtown San Juan Capistrano, very close to the train station.  It’s an amazing place to go for lunch on one of those perfect sunny afternoons in Southern California.  Order some lemonade and relax with friends in their patio under the huge Mulberry Tree.  There are so many amazing dishes here, and the menu is seasonal and sometimes changes daily. While you are there, pick up The Ramos House Cookbook written by the chef/owner, John Q. Humphreys.  It’s a beautiful book filled with the recipes of the dishes served in the restaurant.  I’m dying to try his recipe for his delectable biscuits.

My all time favorite dish at The Ramos House Café is their BLFGT (Bacon, Lettuce and Fried Green Tomato) sandwich with sweet potato fries.  They weren’t serving it during my last visit, so I was forced to try another delicious dish.   What a blessing in disguise!  Instead, I had the Crab Hash served with bacon scrambled eggs over arugula and a sour cream remoulade.  Thin, crispy strips of sweet potatoes were piled on top which just sent this dish over the edge.

The_Ramos_House_Cafe_San_Juan_Capistrano_Crab_HashMy friend ordered the Mac and Cheese with wild mushrooms and truffle oil.  The Ramos House Mac and Cheese is a must!  Someone at your table has to order this, or order this for everyone to share.  It is spectacular and it changes frequently.  Sometimes it’s made with smoked veggies and a lemon gremolada, sometimes with applewood smoked bacon, or with smoked chicken and asparagus…  Whatever it is…get it!  You won’t be disappointed, promise!
The_Ramos_House_San_Juan_capistrano_Mac_and_Cheese_Wild_Mushrooms_Truffle_OilThe great thing about The Ramos House Café is that you’re always going to have the hardest time deciding what to order.  Everything on the menu sounds like exactly what you’re craving.  It’s delicious Southern inspired comfort food with a gourmet flair makes The Ramos House Café one of the best restaurants in Orange County.  A popular dish that I haven’t tried yet, but I always see a large number of people order while I’m there, is the Spicy Crab Cake Salad.  Another dish that I’m dying to try is their Duck Cakes, it’s served with baby spinach and a warm mustard dressing.

I wish I could have ordered more things so that you could see how amazing everything looks.  I’ll just have to update this post the next time I go.  They also have a great weekend brunch menu and tasting menus.  If you live in Orange County, or if you’re visiting Orange County, you MUST go to The Ramos House Café.  You will leave happy and planning your next visit.


3 thoughts on “The Ramos House Cafe

  1. I suggest you link the restaurant or add the address if you are gonna recommend people visit the Cafe. San Juan is far for someone that is in OC but in Anaheim…

    • Thank you, I did hyperlink their website, perhaps I’ll make the hyperlink more obvious. I also added that it is in San Juan Capistrano. Thanks for the recommendation. Even if someone is in Anaheim or San Diego, it is worth the drive! 🙂

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