Parker-Lusseau in Monterey

We found this cottage filled with pastries and other yummies while trying to find the Massage Envy in Monterey.

Parker-Lusseau has multiple locations around the Monterey area, unfortunately, I only had time to visit one.  This place was charming.  I could have sat outside sipping my delicious soy chai latte for hours.  Doesn’t this picture say…”Stay a while.  You’ll leave a different, more wonderful person…”

Their porch and outdoor seating is perfect for lounging on lazy Sundays.  Read a book by yourself, or catch up with close friends over chocolate croissants and lattes.  Don’t take a first date, if it doesn’t work out, you don’t want some jerk ruining this place for you.

Parker_lusseau_Pastries_Monterey_California_PatioDo take your love and your puppy

Parker_lusseau_Pastries_Monterey_California_LilyHere for breakfast or brunch? You must try this Portabella Tartine. Delicious Portabella Mushrooms and sundried tomatoes draped across delicious toast with warm, melted cheese.  I need to experiment with different breads and figure out how to recreate this at home.  Add that to my to-do list.

Parker_lusseau_Pastries_Monterey_California_Portobello_Mushroom_TartinOh! And try one of the quiches!  They’re small, you have room… Flaky crust, savory Portabella mushrooms, artichoke hearts…. oh baby…

Parker_lusseau_Pasteries_Monterey_california_Portobello_Mushrrom_QuicheWhen you’ve finished your breakfast, try one, or all, of their little pastries.  I tried a few during my visit at Parker-Lusseau.  Parker_lusseau_Pastries_Monterey_California_dessertsMy favorite was this baked almond cream tart with fresh strawberries and raspberries. I admit I was reluctant to share.  But I had to put down my fork to enjoy this lovely chai latte.  Don’t worry…I still kept a close eye on my tart.

Parker_lusseau_Pastries_Monterey_California_Chai_LatteNext, try their triple chocolate cake.  …chocolate mousse, chocolate crème brûlée, and flourless chocolate cake.  I know, right!?  There’s no way you can pass that up!  Just look at it….

Parker_Lusseau_Pastries_Monterey_California_Triple_chocolate_cakeI love when chocolate desserts taste like real, decadent, rich, chocolate.  Rather than sweet, sugary chocolate.  Parker-Lusseau’s Triple Chocolate Cake totally delivered.

While you’re visiting Parker-Lusseau, don’t miss out on their Tiramisu.  It’s delightful.  Light marscopone cream, and yummy espresso and rum soaked lady fingers.  Classic.  Don’t you wish you were that fork?



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